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Continental Philosophy

Alchemy, Sorcery, and other such Hocus Pocus

Spooky Thought
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"Spooky thinking:" a phrase that most "continental" philosophers will find familiar. A phrase that we spend so much of our time and efforts attempting to dispel. The question we ask is why? By embracing the term, we become resolved to pursue our philosophical course without worrying about the disparaging opinions of others. The same, however, can be said of the moniker "continental." To quote Leonard Lawlor (cf. Chiasmi International 1999(1): 27-34), "If it is the case that the Analytic Monolith in the English-speaking world is breaking up, then I think we have to abandon this phrase. As an American, I have never been comfortable using this phrase to designate the philosophy that I do. It implies that I am a sort of European colonist in my own country..." "Continental" philosophy is no longer solely on the continent, so I say let us think spookily!

This is a community developed strictly for graduate students and professors of "continental" philosophy or any philosopher who takes the historical approach to philosophy seriously. While our thought may not actually be "spooky" to those familiar with the traditional philosophical enterprise, perhaps the levity implied by such a name will serve as a counter-balance to the traditional weight of philosophical thought.

The community's main goal is to provide a space for advanced students--are we not all forever students?--to advance ideas and interpretations to an audience of well-trained and knowledgeable individuals. While debate is encouraged, it is important that it remain both constructive and civil, traits too frequently forgotten in the electronic format. Violations of this one rule will result in expulsion.

If the community functions as planned, it will also serve another distinct purpose: the creation of a small professional network. Since graduate students frequently go on to become professors, and since livejournal users are spread around the globe, the opportunity to branch out into disparate realms of philosophical discourse arises. To this end, calls for papers and conference announcements are welcome. Please do not, however, advertise other communities.

To join, simply e-mail apperception at apperception {at} livejournal [dot] com with your current academic affiliation and standing (e.g. second year Ph.D. student at Emory University) or the user name of the member of this community who has recommended you for membership. Your request will be responded to as expeditiously as possible. New users are encouraged to read this post.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions as far as additions to the "interests" section or general comments about how to improve this community, please feel free to include them in an e-mail to the above address.

ALSO, for more general discussions this community recommends sublimethinking.